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Salmon & rockfish Combo

Fill one fish box with Salmon and the second fish box with Rockfish! Combo trips split the day between targeting Salmon and Rockfish.


Come down to the Salmon Capitol of the World to get your hands on a fresh salmon!

Over 250,000 HATCHERY Chinook (King) salmon will be swimming through the Westport area this year along with their Coho friends.


Book your trip early to hunt down the ever desired Halibut meat! Fish the deep water for a big flat fish and possibly spend some time fishing for Lingcod or Rockfish, time and weather permitting.

Albacore tuna

The award for the most powerful, longest fighting, bloodiest fish goes to the Albacore Tuna! Bring your boots on our extended voyage as we search for a boat-filling bait stop!

rockfish & lingcod 

Looking for delicious fish & chips, fish tacos, or an easy bbq fish? Look no further! Rockfish and Lingcod are the solution! The deckhand can fillet them for you so all you have to do is find the recipe!

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