Type of Fishing           Best Dates                                          Prices include bait, gear, and tax 
Bottom                        weekday until June 30, March through September     $145
Bottom                        weekday after June 30, March through September    $155
Bottom weekend         March through September                                          $155
Salmon                       July and August                                                           $155
Combo                       July and August                                                            $220
Tuna – 2 day              August and September                                                $620
Tuna – 1 day              Late August and September                                        $440
Halibut                        May 11, 13, 25, 27                                                       $310

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Rockfish & lingcod

Stock up on some white fish with a bottom fishing trip the whole family will enjoy!


Looking for a cage fight with a powerhouse of a fish? Then a Tuna trip is the trip for you!


Salmon are the wild running, line stripping, wave jumping fish of the ocean. This year's run is looking to be top notch!

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